50% discount for new patients on your first consultation. (This month only)

50% discount for new patients (This month only)


Health problems are a constant battle. At Top Chiro we keep you and your loved ones spine and nervous system in balance, so you can live your best life. Get your first consultation for only £60, for this month only.

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Our Mission

At Top Chiro we specialise in helping every client regain control of their health by locating and correcting misaligned vertebrae which allows their nervous system to function at its best. Misalignments are a detriment to the body’s ability to heal due to the interference with the nervous system that they cause. We understand that, with the spine in correct alignment and with a nervous system free from interference, the body has the ability to heal, adapt and be healthy.

Customer Reviews

Neelam Arshad
October 25, 2023

A life changing experience in the hands of Alex. I’ve been going to Alex at TopChiro for a month now to work on my posture and movement issues with my lower back, neck and shoulders and can say it’s made such a difference to my quality of life. Alex really listens to the issues you have with your body and works with you, making sure you’re comfortable at all times. A very friendly and professional service from Alex and the ladies in reception which I would highly recommend to everyone.

simon amner
October 24, 2023

I've been visiting Alex at Top Chiro for about two and a half months now, initially for horrible pain in my arm caused by a nerve in my back...after an initial diagnosis using x-ray to find the problem I'm really happy with my progress...pain in my arm resolved through getting my back into shape and running times improving as well due to lower back/pelvis manipulation sorting issues out there too. I had initially visited a regular physio who was obviously out of their depth and caused me more pain in the one session I went to...happy to recommend Alex and Top Chiro, really know what they're doing...none of the treatments have hurt and always come away feeling better.

Rahma Mohamed
September 8, 2023

I was introduced to top chiro by my friend whose daughter was non verbal autistic. So I decide to give a try for my autistic boy non verbal . My son responded very well with the treatment, he loved the place and always happy to sit there and wait for his turn which was so amazing .Friendly staff around him and I felt so comfortable and always looking forward to meet the practitioner. The first benefit I saw was his sleeping got better ,he started to copy the action and listened to what he was told to do like Jibril sit here , Jibril unbotton your T-shirt and now he is repeating some words what amazing progress. I will definitely recommend you to all around me who have children on the spectrum..fantastic experience wow

Luke Throssell
September 2, 2023

Alex provided a careful examination and gentle adjustment that really helped my neck pain. Would recommend.

Sam Brooks
August 12, 2023

Top Chiro MK is wonderful with children, so welcoming but above all provides excellent Chiropractic care. My 9 year old daughter gets checked regularly, knowing she’s structurally sound and functioning at her best gives me peace of mind for her.. she’s even understanding the importance of maintenance care thanks to their interactive and educative approach to chiropractic. Thank you Top Chiro! Sam and Scarlett-Rose

Giuseppe Albanese
August 6, 2023

Just want to thank Alex and all the staff at Top Chiro. Alex’s expertise is helping me with my Ménière's disease, and neck and back problems. I have suffered from Ménière's for around 18 years and recently had a relapse. Things are slowly returning to normal all thanks to Alex. Since seeing Alex my dizzy spells have virtually gone and my tinnitus seems to be under control. Thanks for all the good work,. Giuseppe Albanese (5* Service)

Angela Lamberton
August 2, 2023

So so pleased that I decided to attend , I have suffered for a few years now with a pain in my right side lower back I have visited others Chiropractors without success . Been seeing Alex now since 4 th July and can’t believe the difference amazed at results. On my first consultation Alex said I can fix this loved his confidence and he was right to be confident. Would highly recommend.

Jude King
July 25, 2023

I saw Sarah for a few months after having back and hip pain post-pregnancy (I’d had severe pelvic girdle pain while pregnant) and can’t recommend her highly enough. I went from a really significant amount of pain to nothing because of her care and professionalism and will be going for regular check ups even now the pain is gone. A wonderful team and I’m amazed at the progress I’ve seen since I’ve been going - thank you all!

David Mason
July 19, 2023

My 13 year old Son has been having persistent pain with his lower back, Knees and ankle which has been impacting him playing sport. As you can imagine for most 13 year olds involved in sport this was very frustrating for him. After visiting Alex at Topchiro he quickly identified a number of issues and set out a plan of treatment. After a few visits we could quickly see a significant improvement and now after 6 weeks of treatment he is now playing sport pain free. Alex was brilliant with my Son, engaging and communicating in a way which helped him to understand what the problem was and the treatment plans. I would really recommend Alex, 1st class customer service and he really cares about his clients.

Paula Ensall
July 18, 2023

I want to say what a wonderful practice this is from the reception to Alex.Alex is very professional and so caring and really understands people and their bodies. Thank you

Holly Jenkins
June 7, 2023

I've had such a great experience so far. Really professional and thorough with investigations and after only a few treatments I'm already feeling so much better than I did when I first started coming. All the staff have been so kind and friendly and I always look forward to my treatments! Thank you guys!

Chloe Baxter
June 5, 2023

I highly recommend Top Chiro MK. My daughter, 3, has been seeing Dr Christian for a couple of months now and the progress she has made has been incredible. We originally went with the hope he can help with her speech, language and communication delay. We had a thorough consultation and then went ahead with a block of sessions. Not only has her speech improved but her sleep, eating and understanding too. Dr Christian is very clear with what he is doing, my daughter has always felt comfortable with him and enjoys going to her appointments. The whole team are amazing, friendly and so welcoming. If you're concerned about your child's development I would suggest getting more information about how a chiropractor can support!

Priscila Castellano
June 1, 2023

Very professional team to take care of our health.

Kristen Clare
May 27, 2023

I have been receiving treatment from Amy for the last couple of months and can't begin to describe how appreciative I am for my improved quality of live since my first session with her. My migraines have almost entirely disappeared and Amy has always been helpful to guide me as I work to build tools that will allow me to sustain my health despite the demands of my work. Highly recommend Amy and the whole team here!

tracy dudden
May 26, 2023

Great people they are all very welcoming kind and caring too. Alex has really helped me feel happy about trying too feel better with in myself and he is a very nice man. The clinic feels very welcoming and it's not like going too see a chiropractic it's like being in a home environment. It's a lovely place and it's a pleasure too visit. You leave feeling better and that's what matters. Thank you very much.

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