Who we are:

We are a team of chiropractors who are committed to providing service to the people within our local community and neighbouring areas. We apply chiropractic care proactively to improve spinal health and overall wellbeing.


In order to determine if the spine is misaligned, as well as the best method of correction, our chiropractors take objective measurements via thermal readings, palpation and when necessary, x-ray analysis.

Why come to us?

We work to maintain spinal and neurological health as chiropractors. We have extensive expertise and knowledge, and our outcomes reflect this. Our most recent study revealed that over 91% of our patients had good to excellent results.


All of our chiropractors are experienced and registered with the GCC (General Chiropractic Council). Many have undertaken post-graduate training in Gonstead chiropractic, which provides additional spinal analysis and adjustment techniques.


With our highly-skilled chiropractors, you will get the best quality of care possible. Our team of doctors are always improving their skills so they can provide the care that Milton Keynes residents require and deserve. You can read more about our chiropractors on our team page here.

Picture of a Chiropractor in Milton Keynes

How it works

Taking the first step

How are we different from the average chiropractor?

At Top Chiropractic we have a unique and specific approach to your health. We start with the premise that your body is an intelligent organism, designed to be healthy. We also understand that your body has the ability to heal itself and self-regulate extremely efficiently and is constantly striving to do this.


Many of the people we look after having tried the conventional route to regain their health, have hit a block or seem to be losing control of their health. They are now looking for a different approach. Rather than looking for outside help to solve their problems, such as drugs, surgery, and many other forms of treatment for conditions, at Top Chiropractic we look to your body’s self-healing and self-regulating system for the answers.


Most of the time, our health problems creep up over time rather than happening in an instant. The system that controls of all your bodily functions, no matter how well or poorly they are functioning, is your nervous system and interference to this system is detrimental to human health. Since the nervous system is so important in the function of the body, getting this system checked for interference is of paramount importance to the expression of human health. Although, in a lot of cases this interference does not cause instant problems, if left over time, problems will inevitably start to arise.