Understanding the Gonstead System: A Five-Step Approach

The Gonstead System of Chiropractic is renowned for its meticulous approach to evaluating and correcting spinal issues. At Top Chiro Milton Keynes clinic, we follow a five-step analysis process inspired by Dr. Clarence Gonstead himself. Understanding these steps can provide insight into why Gonstead chiropractic is so effective.


The evaluation begins the moment a patient walks through our doors. We observe differences in height between the ears, shoulders, and hips, as well as posture and gait. By carefully examining the patient's spine, we gather valuable information that guides our approach to care.



Gonstead Chiropractic





We use specialized instruments like the Nervoscope to measure temperature differentials along the spine, identifying areas of inflammation and potential subluxations. Thermography further aids in pinpointing areas that require adjustment, ensuring precision and effectiveness in our care.


We also use full spine themography with out CLA system.


Static and motion palpation techniques allow us to assess the spine's structure and function. Static palpation involves hands-on examination to detect changes in contour, tone, texture, and temperature. Motion palpation helps us determine the movement of each vertebra, enabling targeted adjustments.

Image of a chiropractor assisting a patient with Scoliosis


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While not always necessary, digital X-rays provide valuable insights into spinal alignment, curvature, and any underlying pathologies. With a clear understanding of the spine's condition, we can tailor adjustments to address specific issues and promote optimal health.